The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan is a well known phrase.  But Jesus was the first to use it.  Find out the origins of The Good Samaritan and who our neighbour really is in this message.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
The Lost Sheep Sean Harriott 19/07/2015 00:17:31 Audio Video
The Lamp Peter Takacs 19/07/2015 00:14:49 Audio Video
The Sower and the Seeds Roy Pollen 26/07/2015 00:17:22 Audio Video
The Good Samaritan Rosie Harriott 26/07/2015 00:23:07 Audio Video

Over four weeks, and from eight different preachers we will look together at some of the amazing parables Jesus told, and the wonderful truths within them as they related to the Kingdom of God.


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