The Christian Life is not easy.  It requires perseverance.  It requires us to be pilgrims and not tourists.    When the Israelites went up to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage they had songs to sing that helped them to remember where they were going.  This message prepares us to begin our “pilgrimage” over the next 8 weeks.

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Discipleship Billy Ritchie 19/10/2014 00:44:17 Audio Video Download

As followers of Jesus we have embarked on a journey, often it is referred to as a pilgrimage. During this series we will study the songs for the road that were on the lips of the children of Israel on their pilgramage to Jerusalem to celebrate special days. They are known as the Songs of Ascents. You can find them in Psalm 120 to Psalm 134. For pilgrims the Songs of Ascents combine the cheerfulness of a travel song with the practicality of a guidebook and map.


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