Four Things

There are four things we can learn from the 2 Commandments that Jesus gave in the Bible   Find out what they are in this message.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Forgiveness and Gratitude Billy Ritchie 30/07/2006 00:34:53 Audio Video
Hard Times in Good Company George Ridley 14/05/2006 00:48:29 Audio Video
Living A Passionate Life Mark Sherratt 30/04/2006 00:39:21 Audio Video
I am Convinced Steve Adkins 26/11/2006 00:40:38 Audio Video
Christmas is Coming Mark Sherratt 03/12/2006 00:50:47 Audio Video
Courage is what makes the difference Mark Sherratt 09/09/2007 00:42:18 Audio Video
Awake Mark Sherratt 30/03/2008 00:41:43 Audio Video
Easter Sunday - The Door Mark Sherratt 23/03/2008 00:43:53 Audio Video
Pass it On Mark Sherratt 19/04/2009 00:39:34 Audio Video
A Clear Focus Mark Sherratt 03/01/2010 00:42:41 Audio Video
Stepping Out In Faith Mark Sherratt 21/08/2011 00:41:37 Audio Video
Label of Grace Billy Ritchie 23/10/2011 00:23:58 Audio Video
Running for Gold Mark Sherratt 12/08/2012 00:40:09 Audio Video
Moving on from Finger Painting Billy Ritchie 19/08/2012 00:40:21 Audio Video
Putting Jesus at the Centre Mark Sherratt 18/08/2013 00:25:06 Audio Video
Encounters with Jesus Discovery Kids Takeover 03/08/2014 00:19:33 Audio Video
Four Things Roger Blackmore 30/08/2015 00:41:44 Audio Video


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