Odd Pursuit - Prize

God’s possession of you must result in a pursuit of Him. We are to pursue God as He pursues us. Our lives should be built on relationship with God and not rules. He is the prize that we give our lives for.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Odd Family - Community Mark Sherratt 08/02/2015 00:43:04 Audio Video
Odd Priorities - Worthy James Fokkens 15/02/2015 00:38:33 Audio Video Download
Odd Attitude - Humility Mark Sherratt 22/02/2015 00:43:00 Audio Video
Odd Pursuit - Prize Billy Ritchie 01/03/2015 00:43:40 Audio Video

Becoming a follower of Jesus changes our lives forever. We find a new family, discover new priorities, develop a whole new attitude, our values are changed and we have a new mindset no matter what the circumstances. It is odd to many and leaves some scratching their head in confusion. But to those who are captivated by Jesus, the odd life seems to make perfect sense.


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