The Gift of Eternal Life

Eternal Life is a gift that we can receive when we believe in God.  But what does it mean to have Eternal Life?  Find out in this Easter Message.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
The Greatest Gift:God Billy Ritchie 30/03/2014 00:40:47 Audio Video
Forgiveness Mark Sherratt 06/04/2014 00:41:15 Audio Video Download
The Gift of Justification Steve Adkins 13/04/2014 00:39:00 Audio Video
The Gift of Reconciliation Billy Ritchie 18/04/2014 00:29:33 Audio Video
The Gift of Eternal Life Mark Sherratt 20/04/2014 00:38:22 Audio Video Download

This series is a plea that God himself, as revealed most clearly and fully in Jesus's death and resurrection, be seen and enjoyed as the final and greatest gift of the gospel. The gospel of Jesus and his many precious blessings are not ultimately what makes the good news good, but the means of seeing and savouring the Saviour himself.


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