Step Out

How much do we trust God?  Do we trust Him with all our heart?  Do we rely on our own understanding?  Find out how to make trusting God something which is second nature.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Trusting God Seun Akindele 14/08/2016 00:15:11 Audio Video
God's Amazing Grace Joshua Verity 14/08/2016 00:17:34 Audio Video
Fear Not, Fret Not Rosie Harriott 21/08/2016 00:20:49 Audio Video
Step Out James Fokkens 21/08/2016 00:18:45 Audio Video
When God messes with our Life Plans Sean Harriott 28/08/2016 00:14:41 Audio Video
They Think It's All Over Laura Conway 28/08/2016 00:17:13 Audio Video

A Life verse is a key verse or passage from the Bible that God has used to speak into the life of a follower of Christ during a particular season in life. Join us as we hear of different Life Verses that have influenced people's lives.


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