Nehemiah prayed for success and for more than seemed possible and God answered his prayers.  But this was only possible because he took action.  Find out how you can turn your prayers into action in this message.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Heart Mark Sherratt 18/09/2016 00:33:36 Audio Video
Prayer Billy Ritchie 25/09/2016 00:37:07 Audio Video
Action James Fokkens 02/10/2016 00:34:27 Audio Video
Vision Mark Sherratt 09/10/2016 00:37:30 Audio Video
Unity Billy Ritchie 16/10/2016 00:33:42 Audio Video
Leadership Mark Sherratt 23/10/2016 00:39:15 Audio Video

In this series we will learn about Nehemiah. We will discover a man whose passion for God eclipsed his own comfort. A man who prayed revolutionary prayers and put his life on the line for his God given vision. A man who united a group of desolate and defeated people to achieve the impossible. A man who in the face of opposition from both the outside and the inside led from the front by placing his life and personal finances on the line


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