The Bread of Life

Jesus said "I am the Bread of Life".  Find out why Bread was and is still important in giving Life.   And find out what the "Bread of Life" meant to the people in Jesus's day and what it means for us today.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
The Bread of Life James Fokkens 30/10/2016 00:34:17 Audio Video
The Light of the World Andrew Shearman 06/11/2016 00:31:51 Audio Video
The Good Shepherd Mark Sherratt 13/11/2016 00:30:51 Audio Video
The Door Fola Komolafe 20/11/2016 00:38:27 Audio Video
The Resurrection and the Life Billy Ritchie 27/11/2016 00:42:08 Audio Video

As we read the Bible, we clearly see that Jesus boldly declared who he was and why he came. In this series called ‘I AM’, we will be looking into the book of John to explore seven statements of Jesus about himself. We invite you to join us on this journey!


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