Disappointment is something that Joseph faced when confronted with the fact that his wife to be was pregnant but it was not his child.  Find out how he dealt with this and the lessons we can learn in this message.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Joseph Steve Adkins 11/12/2016 00:31:02 Audio Video
The Wise Men Billy Ritchie 18/12/2016 00:32:18 Audio Video
Mary Mark Sherratt 18/12/2016 00:19:47 Audio Video
Jesus James Fokkens 24/12/2016 00:20:21 Audio Video

During this series we are going to join Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men and Jesus, and see how life would never be the same again as a result of their own unique journey to Bethlehem. The events that took place would shape history as we know it.


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