The Easter Message is one of Victory over death and sin.   On Good Friday the stone was rolled in front of the tomb.  On Easter Day the stone is rolled away.  Which side of the stone are you?  Are you still in the tomb?  Or are you celebrating the Risen Lord Jesus?

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Forgiveness Mark Sherratt 12/03/2017 00:35:54 Audio Video
Assurance James Fokkens 19/03/2017 00:33:19 Audio Video
Love Josh Verity 26/03/2017 00:27:39 Audio Video
Substitution Billy Ritchie 02/04/2017 00:35:57 Audio Video
Michael Franzese Michael Franzese 09/04/2017 00:57:09 Audio Video
Trust Billy Ritchie 14/04/2017 00:33:00 Audio Video
Victory George Ridley 16/04/2017 00:33:19 Audio Video

Leading up to Easter weekend, we are going to be focusing on the seven powerful statements that Jesus spoke during his final hours on the cross. Through the excruciating physical pain, over the ridicule of his tormentors, the last words of Jesus are saturated with love rather than hate. These powerful words unlock the full meaning and amazing blessings of JesusÂ’ sacrifice before his resurrection - words of forgiveness, assurance, love, trust and so much more.


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