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Rachel Wilson from ‘Shkëndijë’ – Spark Ministries – in Albania shares the latest updates.

Greetings from Albania, we trust you enjoy our latest news and will join us in giving thanks! Welcome and thank you to any newcomers!! We pray you are all well and experiencing the goodness of God. We’re busy as ever and look forward to sharing with you.

Praise Points

We are so grateful for the generosity of friends throughout the past year. We’ve not only stepped out in faith to buy our new Spark Ministries Headquarters but also plan to run another children’s adventure camp in the summer. That’s two major fundraising challenges, and God is blessing us, showing his faithfulness, yet again.

We thank God for our Spring visitors: The ‘Missio Dei’ Bible College students on mission and four Assemblies of God (AoG) missions’ directors on a Balkan exploratory trip.

We thank God for June’s successful itinerary in Massachusetts and for the new connections made. Also for Carol, who is doing an amazing job as US co-ordinator/missions rep. Thank God for this development and our US mission partners.

Prayer Points

1. Pray for God’s wisdom and direction as the AoG UK Missions Team discusses the future of missions and engagement in the Balkans.

2. Please pray for Vali and the Shengjin summer program, as she seeks to strengthen the young team, deepen relationships in the community and continue outreach to the Afghan refugee women and their children.

3. Please pray for our children’s Adventure Camp, 14-18 August. We are grateful for the nine foreign volunteers signed up to help; also pray that we secure two more Albanian staff. Pray for the immense amount of pre-camp preparation before us, and also that God’s tangible presence will be experienced during the camp – that every child’s life will be blessed.

4. Please pray for a smooth conclusion to the Spark Ministries Headquarters acquisition; the final fundraising, the completion of the building work, and our occupation in October.

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