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As we reach the halfway mark of our All In – Multiply campaign at Milton Keynes Christian Centre, I am humbled and inspired by the incredible generosity of our church community. Despite the challenges of the ongoing cost of living crisis, we have already raised over £105,000 for this important initiative since its launch in October 2022.

This giving is already making a tangible difference in the lives of those within our church family who are in need of assistance, as well as transforming our city through the impactful work of ForMiltonKeynes. Moreover, we have also been able to release over £44,000 to support the vital work of LightForce in Uganda and India, reaching some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

In fact, just recently we received an uplifting message from Pastor Joe, who leads the work of our partners in India through IGM.


Greetings in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ! I hope this message finds you well and please extend my warm greetings to everyone in the fellowship. Thanks to your prayers and financial support, all our projects and programs are progressing as planned.

In the past three months, we were able to provide temporary shelter to over 96 children who were rescued by authorities from child marriage or sexual abuse. Although this programme has been challenging, with the help of our staff at IGM and officials, we have provided medical care, legal support, and emotional counselling to these children, who have also shown an interest in receiving a Bible. Your continued prayers and support have brought us this far, and we look forward to the next phase of our work.

Education Update

As you know, some of our older children in the children’s home are pursuing higher education, including lab technicians, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Diploma in Nursing, and we kindly request your prayers for their success in the upcoming academic year. Additionally, we have six more children who need admission to higher education programs, and we ask for your prayers for their future as well.

Flourishing Schools

Regarding the Tuition Centre and Bible school, I am pleased to report that they are flourishing despite facing some challenges. We attribute this success solely to God’s grace, and we can already see the transformation in the children and their families in the local community. It is amazing that we have received requests from the local community to establish additional tuition centres in remote areas, and we have been humbled by their prayers and support for this initiative.

Improving Childrens Homes

As you already know, our IGM children’s homes have been recognised as model homes in our state and district, resulting in our receipt of the Best Childcare Institution award and appointment to serve on Government committees. In my role on the advisory board, I am currently working with 36 children’s homes in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, we have established the All-India Child Care Institution Federation, of which I am proud to serve as the current President. We currently have 117 children’s homes as members of the federation, and we are committed to promoting the welfare and rights of children across the country. We are now using this experience and influence to help ministries in other parts of India improve their care for children.

With deep appreciation and love. In his service

Pastor Joe

Thank you, again, for your continued faithfulness in giving towards the All In Campaign and, in particular, to our Mission Fund, partnering with Pastor Joe and the team at India Gospel Mission. It is a powerful reminder of how even the smallest acts of kindness can have a profound impact on the lives of others, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this important work.

Last October, we launched a fund to raise a total of £100,000 towards the vision for our church, our city, and across the world in places like India. In just the last seven months alone, we have already raised £105,337.

All In – Church:          £26,811
All In – Community: £34,181
All In – Mission:         £44,345

I am so grateful to everyone who has given above and beyond to support the work of Milton Keynes Christian Centre.

Every blessing,

Mark Sherratt
Senior Pastor

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