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Through our All In Campaign and For Milton Keynes we have been able to fund Young Carers events over the summer of 2023.

The young carers enjoyed meeting up with other young carers this summer to enjoy the activities you kindly funded for them. It was a great way for them to make new friends, have some fun and share a positive time with people in similar situations to themselves.

The activities help young carers have a break from home, plus meeting other young carers can help them to relax.

Climb Quest

The young carers enjoyed climbing through tunnels and dodging lasers while solving puzzles to complete their quest. This was a great way for the young carers to work together doing a fun activity which encouraged self-confidence and stretch their imaginations.


Skateboarding was a great success and supported the young carers with an opportunity to get out of the house and have respite from their caring role. This activity supported physical and mental well-being with the chance for them to enjoy self-expression, build resilience and practice new skills.

Mr Mulligans indoor golf

The young adult carers had the opportunity to socialise with their peers which has been valuable to reduce isolation and improve their wellbeing. It was great to see them have some much-needed fun. They had lots of giggles navigating the magical landscapes of this indoor crazy golf complex.

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