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The Church Fund

Together, we are investing in our digital ministry and providing support to those in our church family.

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“We are co-workers in God’s service; we are God’s field, God’s building." - 1 Corinthians 3:9

Equipping The Church

About The Church Fund

We want to continue to share the good news with people online, and serve and meet the practical needs of those in our own church. This year, we’re asking for £20,000 to expand the reach of our online ministry and grow our Benevolence Fund.

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The Church Fund

With your help, we’re looking forward this coming year to serving and meeting the needs of those in our own church. Over the next twelve months, we’re raising £20,000 to expand the reach of our online ministry and grow our Benevolence Fund.

Digital Ministry

We can now reach people at the click of a button, from across the world with the life-changing news about Jesus.

 £10,000 will be given to expanding the reach of our online ministry through broadcasting services, podcasts, virtual Bible Studies, online Life Groups, Discovery Kids and Fuse online, and much more.

Benevolence Fund

Situations of need can and often do arise unexpectedly, and The Benevolence Fund helps us respond quickly to these needs within our church.

 £10,000 will be given from this year’s Church Fund to expanding the opportunities for those in our own church, to receive support through our Benevolence Fund.

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We have the opportunity to work together to build and bless God's church through our giving to this year’s Church Fund. With your help, we’re looking forward this coming year to make an impact in hundreds of people’s lives.

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How to get involved

Prayerfully consider two ways you can be "All In" this year. First, you can make a pledge to give regularly towards our All In Church Fund for the next twelve months or, you can give a one-off gift, of any amount. Pray about what God would have you do, personally, to help further reach our world with the message of His love.

Pledge Or Give

Make a pledge to give regularly or give a one-off gift of any amount.

Set up a recurring gift or make a one-off gift today.

Pledge to give towards our All In Fund over the next twelve months.

Good news stories

Take a glimpse into what your generosity has already accomplished this year. We are so grateful for your generosity! Let's continue building together.

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May 9, 2024

India Reflections: Tayo Kufeji

Read about Dr Tayo Kufeji's experience in India with MKCC and LightForce International
May 3, 2024

Impact of Education in Rural Morocco

In rural Morocco, the Hannan School supported by the Milton Keynes Christian Centre, has become a vital centre for community development and education.
May 1, 2024

My Personal Experience of the Mission Trip to Morocco

A trip to Morocco is a profound lesson in the power of connection and the profound impact we can have when we reach out in…

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