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Animal Antiks aims to open hearts, unlock minds and inspire people by operating an alternative provision based on a 230 acre working farm in North Marston, deep in the beautiful, Buckinghamshire countryside.

Animal Antiks welcomes and supports children (from the age of 10 years) and adults who are experiencing various challenges in their lives.  This can include physical and mental health difficulties, difficulties accessing mainstream education or being at risk of school exclusion or those facing social isolation and exclusion

Their approach is to create a diverse group of people with various needs, to work together in this safe and calm environment.  They get involved with a variety of activities around animal care, animal enrichment, gardening, craft, bushcraft and other outdoor and nature projects.  They find that working on the farm, carrying out these types of activities help to reduce anxieties, increase confidence and build on life and social skills and knowledge whilst being outside and close to nature

FORMK were able to support Animal Antiks through the ‘MKCC Fund’

Recently we gave Animal Antiks £1500 through the MKCC Fund to work with local support groups such as Carers MK to identify individuals who are struggling with mental health challenges or experiencing social isolation. The funding goes towards providing 15 weekly Mental Health Wellbeing Walk & Talks. Participants will walk with alpacas out over the fields and tracks of a 230-acre farm

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