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Last Sunday we asked for your help to feed babies in Milton Keynes.  And you did not disappoint!

Last week, we were made aware of the desperate need of many parents in our city, forced to go without food themselves to make sure their babies can be fed.

To respond to this urgent need, we asked you to bring donations of jars and pouches of baby food to the services on Sunday to support struggling parents unable to feed their babies.

You overwhelmed us with your generosity.

The Full Story

Baby Basics is an MK Charity that lovingly makes gift packages to give families everything they need to start life with a newborn baby or support families with children from 0-6 years that need items like clothing, toys, toiletries, and milk. On 30th July 2021, they set up shop alongside the FoodBank Top-up-Shop in Kiln Farm, with no idea about what the response would be…

Despite the downpour of rain, within their 2-hour slot, they were overwhelmed with the request for Nappies, Baby Food, and Milk Formula to the point that they ran out of stock & unable to supply to some. To be able to provide for families was in itself a blessing but to witness the level of need was heartbreaking.

The experience of being there to assist was described as ‘looking into the face of the worst kind of poverty, child poverty.’ One Mother stated that it was ‘going to make such a difference to their week of feeding their children.’ Another said “what a relief to not have to worry about feeding my baby this week” Following the session they were inundated with calls inquiring about when the next session was to take place. As a result Baby Basics made swift headway to make contact with suppliers (like Morrisons & John Lewis) to ask for required item donations.

When news of this came back to our team at forMK, seeing how immediate the need was and aware of the potential time lag in the arrival of items, we made a financial donation of £500 to be put towards the purchase of baby food (pre-made jar food, baby milk formula) so that shelves could be replenished & stocked ready for their immediate demand. We are FOR our Children & Families

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