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Be Rich

Chances are good that if you’re reading this, you’re in the 4% club. By international standards, you’re rich!

We demonstrate the love of God when we give, serve, and love others—both in our community and around the world.

The apostle Paul told Timothy, ‘Command those who are rich in this present world . . . to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.‘ – 1 Timothy 6:18.

Most people want to make a difference but don’t know how. Be Rich makes it simple.

Give, Serve, Love

Through the 2023 Be Rich campaign we came together to Give, to Serve and to Love individuals and organisations so that communities can be transformed. After all, our extravagant generosity toward others is the most appropriate response to God’s extravagant generosity toward us.

Every Sunday in February we heard from different organisations in Milton Keynes that we have supported through previous Be Rich campaigns and to find out how God is calling you to Be Rich in this present age.  Watch the videos below to find out more.

Making Good Better - Maria Affa

Nutritroops - Peter Bakare

MK Basketball Foundation - Peter Taylor

Spectrum Community Arts - Jade Cook

£13,300 RAISED 

£13,300 RAISED 

£13,300 RAISED 

What We Raised

Through the extravagant and generous giving of adults and children at Milton Keynes Christian Centre we have raised over £14,000 towards the Crisis Fund to help support individuals in need.

We were able to straight away help someone who could not afford a pair of glasses to get the glasses they need to take up a lorry driving position.

Our total was boosted by claiming Gift Aid on eligible donations.  If you pay tax on your earnings then we can claim an additional 25% on your donation.  If you have not registered for Gift Aid yet then simply complete the form here.

What We Did

During the month of the Be Rich campaign, seventy people signed up to volunteer with forMK, our Community Support team.

forMK organises Warm Spaces on Monday and Friday at the Centre.  And supports many small organisations around Milton Keynes.

If you are interested in volunteering yourself then head here to sign up.




Some photos from our Photo Booth

Give To Be Rich Today

We asked everyone to give £10 to the Be Rich campaign to make a difference in Milton Keynes. You can still donate now by clicking on the button below.

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