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It’s now over six months since we last shared news from our friends at the Hannan School project in Morocco. The team have not been able to travel to Morocco in recent months due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but there has been some good news about how one boy’s life was changed for good.

For many years, the Hannan School project has supported the Berber people in one of the poorest, mountainous regions of Morocco. Children in the area have little access to healthcare and need support to pay for even basic operations. On a visit to one village, workers at the Hannan Charity found a baby named Mostafa, who had what looked like a growth on his face. The growth was in fact an Encephalocale – a small hernia in the skull which causes brain fluid to flow into the facial cavities.

The operation to repair Mostafa’s face would be dangerous and expensive. Even after raising £3,000 for the Mostafa to have the operation, Hannan Charit struggled to find anyone who would carry out the operation. Eventually, a doctor agreed and the operation was a success.

The Hannan Charity team continued to visit Mostafa, his mum and his older sister regularly after the operation. But after a number of years, they lost touch when the family moved out of the area.

Years later, the Hannan Charity received a request on Facebook from someone named Mos Tafa. When they looked at the picture, it was little Mostafa – who is now 17 years old. They have spent time catching up since.

This truly amazing story is just one example of the difference our friends at the Hannan School project are making in Morocco. If you want to know more about the Hannan’s work and how you can help, click here.

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