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At Milton Keynes Christian Centre, we are committed to helping you raise your child in a loving and supportive environment where they can learn about Jesus Christ.

As parents, you have the most influence over who your child will become. But don’t get overwhelmed! When Moses explained his strategy in Deuteronomy 6 he challenged the entire community of faith to influence the next generation. What Moses was suggesting is that you as a parent don’t have to do this alone. That’s why the church can and should play a role in your child’s spiritual formation.

We regularly hold Child Dedication services (with online class beforehand) to give individual families an opportunity to commit to raising their children in a Christian environment with support from the church family.  Our Child Dedication class is designed to prepare you not only for the event but also to consider the role you play.

If you are interested in attending the next in-person baby dedication service (NB attendance at the class beforehand is required), just click the Enquiry button below, fill in the form, and one of the Team will be in contact with you soon.

Please contact me about the next Child Dedication Service.