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“For Milton Keynes”: Celebrating MKCC’s Impactful Christmas Offerings

A Testament of Love and Generosity from Milton Keynes Christian Centre

In the heart of our vibrant city, Milton Keynes Christian Centre (MKCC) has always believed in delivering hope and helping meet the needs of our local communities. This Christmas, our congregation embodied the spirit of generosity in an extraordinary way, demonstrating that MKCC truly is “For Milton Keynes.”

During our three Christmas Eve services, the warmth and compassion of our members shone brightly as we raised a total of £1,842. This significant amount was split equally between two local projects: MK Storehouse and Baby Basics MK.

MK Storehouse: Clothing with Dignity and Hope

MK Storehouse, a project run by the Grand Union Vineyard Church, is a beacon of hope in Milton Keynes. It ensures that those facing financial challenges receive not just clothing but dignity and a sense of worth. Our contribution of £921 is a testament to our shared mission of uplifting the community. We received a heartfelt letter of gratitude expressed by Senior Pastor Chris Morley highlighting the tangible impact of our offering.

Baby Basics MK: Nurturing New Beginnings

The other half of our Christmas offering went to Baby Basics MK, a charity dedicated to supporting families in financial hardship. With our help, they continue to create essential gift packages for new parents and provide support for children up to 6 years old. This gesture echoes our commitment to nurture and care for the most vulnerable in our community from the very start of their journey.

A United Community for a Brighter Future

Our church’s efforts this Christmas are more than just a seasonal gesture. They reflect a deeper commitment to being “For Milton Keynes” – a guiding principle that directs our actions and outreach. MKCC is a place of worship that is outworked in our city around us.

The thank-you letter from Chris Morley not only appreciates our financial support but also recognises the shared values and vision that drive us. It’s a reminder of the powerful change we can effect when we come together in faith, love, and action.

Looking Ahead with Hope

We are always humbled and inspired by the difference we can make together. The success of our Christmas offerings is a call to continue this journey of impactful giving and community support. We are a church that not only stands in Milton Keynes but stands for Milton Keynes – a commitment we proudly carry forward.

We invite our congregation and the broader community to join us in this ongoing mission. Let’s keep making a difference, one act of kindness at a time, living out our faith in practical, life-changing ways.

To all who contributed, participated, and prayed for these initiatives, thank you. Your generosity is a beacon of hope and love in Milton Keynes. Let’s continue to build on this legacy, reaching out, lifting up, and standing together “For Milton Keynes.”

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