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January 27, 2023

From Prayer to Fasting: How the “Start Strong” Series Taught Us to Grow Closer to God

The "Start Strong" sermon series has been a powerful tool in helping us grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus.
DevotionalFor The Joy
April 17, 2022


In glaring contrast, the Holy Spirit, through the Gospel writers, consistently bring our gaze to a number of women who steadfastly stay near the master…
DevotionalFor The Joy
April 16, 2022

Expecting the Kingdom

Doing the correct thing for God may bring distress in this life, but it carries eternal rewards in His Kingdom.
DevotionalFor The Joy
April 15, 2022


The question which torments many, if not all of us, is ‘Why?’ Why does God allow suffering? Why do bad things happen to good people?…
DevotionalFor The Joy
April 14, 2022


Matthew records Simon from Cyrene being ‘compelled’ by the accompanying legionnaires to pick up Jesus's cross and carry it to Golgotha.
DevotionalFor The Joy
April 13, 2022

Mighty Warrior

No matter the parody of kingship created by cruel soldiers, Jesus is now sitting on his throne of splendour leading the armies of heaven in…
DevotionalFor The Joy
April 12, 2022

What Will You Do With Jesus?

Pilate asks the ultimate question of the envy filled religious leaders and their manipulated and angry crowd; ‘What shall I do with Jesus, who is…
DevotionalFor The Joy
April 11, 2022

Potter’s Field

The Gospel of Matthew describes how Judas, gripped by remorse, returned the money to the Temple authorities.
DevotionalFor The Joy
April 10, 2022

Hiding From Mercy

Jesus meets Peter’s secret shame with public mercy, love and compassion.
DevotionalFor The Joy
April 9, 2022

Bitter Tears

Peter’s, bitter tears display a devoted heart, wounded by the realisation that he had let his master, the object of his affection, down.

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