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How do I ask someone to disciple me?

We need other people to help us grow as a Christian. This process is called discipleship.

In discipleship one person helps another to grow in their faith. This began with Jesus as he taught his disciples. And is something Jesus called all his followers to do. All of us need to be in a discipleship relationship where someone is helping us to grow and we in turn are helping someone else.

So how do we do this?

Identify someone to disciple you

The primary way that we see one-to-one discipleship relationships happening is through relationships. Who do you connect with, maybe on Sundays, through serving, or in life groups that you could ask to meet with you one-to-one

Pray and consider who might help you grow in your faith.  Trust is a must for this.  And you should ask the following questions:

  • Who do you respect for their faith?
  • Who is consistent in their words and character?
  • Who do you think you could learn from?
  • Do you have existing relationships that could become one-to-one discipleship friendships?

Write down some of the names that come to mind as you consider these questions, pray about them and ask someone to walk alongside you in your faith.

If you are new to church and do not really know anyone how do you connect one-to-one?

The best starting point is to connect to an area of church life where you can find community. We believe it’s in the context of a family that we will grow as disciples. So start with serving on a team, or joining a life group. As you get to know people consider who you could ask to walk alongside you and speak into your life?

I’ve identified someone, what next?

Have fun!

The first thing is to hang out, have fun, get to know each other!

Give permission
By giving permission, you’re setting an intention that you want to be challenged and you want to grow. Don’t make faith and your walk with God a no-go area or a tag-on after exhausting every other avenue of conversation

Be Honest and open
Committing, to be honest, does require you to trust the person you’re asking to speak into your life, but it’s a commitment to know that they’re asking not to point out your weakness, but to help you grow more into the likeness of Jesus.

In Short

As we walk with ‘one another’ we start to reflect the rhythms of those first followers of Jesus.

So, identify, have fun, give permission and commit to honesty.  And be open to disciple someone else.

Interview with Ray

About This Talk

James Fokkens sat down with Ray Bowker to talk about how Ray had helped to disciple James. Watch the video to learn practically how to ask for someone to disciple you and what the process might look like.

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