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About This Talk

The viewpoint of the world is that greatness is achieved by position and power, that honour is about where you sit, that success is seen by climbing the ladder to the top.

But Jesus, the greatest person who ever lived calls us to change our point of view. Being great in the Kingdom of God is not about achievements, position, power, authority. Greatness is synonymous with service. Find out more in this week's message.

Thoughts To Consider

What crown do I need to lay aside in order to serve?

Who / where can I serve those who don’t know Jesus?

How can I serve?

About The Series

“This year, our church’s focus is
‘Each One Reach One’”

Our church exists to “bring people to Jesus and equip them to be fully devoted followers of Christ.” This is accomplished by impacting the world for Christ—one life at a time. But there’s a question that is not answered in our mission statement: “How do we impact our world one life at a time?”  This year, our church’s focus is ‘Each One Reach One’. During the year, we are challenging you to “reach one” – one person in your life who is far from God and needs to know him. The challenge is to pray for them daily, share the Gospel with them, and hopefully, one day lead them to life in God through following Jesus.


Read Matthew 20:26-28 and see what Jesus says about serving.

Read John 13:3-5 and ask yourself if you would be willing to do the same.

Read John 13:12-17 as if Jesus was speaking to you.  How would you respond?

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