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You have been praying for your neighbours, friends and work colleagues. You are listening to what they want to say. The next step in the B.L.E.S.S. process is to Eat with them, even if it is just a chat over coffee.

Eating is something that we do every day. And the best place and time to eat is when we can eat with others. Jesus recognised this as he spent much of his time eating with others, particularly with people that did not know that God loves them. Imagine what our neighbourhoods could look like if our homes became hubs for expressing the love of Jesus by sharing a meal! Find out how simple this next step is in this message and find out how you can be blessed through eating with your friends, neighbours and others.

Thoughts To Consider

Jesus regularly ate with others

Even having a cup of coffee together builds relationships

It’s not quick but it is essential

About The Series

“This year, our church’s focus is
‘Each One Reach One’”

Our church exists to “bring people to Jesus and equip them to be fully devoted followers of Christ.” This is accomplished by impacting the world for Christ—one life at a time. But there’s a question that is not answered in our mission statement: “How do we impact our world one life at a time?”  This year, our church’s focus is ‘Each One Reach One’. During the year, we are challenging you to “reach one” – one person in your life who is far from God and needs to know him. The challenge is to pray for them daily, share the Gospel with them, and hopefully, one day lead them to life in God through following Jesus.


Read Matthew 9:9-13 and see who Jesus chose to eat with and why.

Read John 2:1-12 and see if Jesus enjoyed a good party.

Read John 21:1-14 and remember Jesus still ate with his followers after his resurrection.

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