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At Milton Keynes Christian Centre, we are privileged to witness the remarkable journeys of individuals within our church family who wholeheartedly pursue their God-given passions.

There is a profound beauty in seeing someone devoted to God’s kingdom, motivated by a pure love for Him. We firmly believe that God’s vision for the world is too vast and diverse to be accomplished solely by pastors and clergy. It is through the release and empowerment of every believer within a local church that His transformative work truly comes alive.

Impact Prayer Ministry:

For over fourteen years, our Impact Prayer Ministry (IPM), led by the incredible Lydia Ling, has been a gathering place for like-minded individuals from various churches across Milton Keynes. Together, they have dedicated themselves to fervent prayer for our city and the advancement of the Gospel. Their intercession covers a wide range of areas, including young people, leaders, families, and the salvation of souls.

But their impact doesn’t stop there. The IPM team also extends their care to those in desperate need, raising funds to support orphanages that provide a home for destitute children. Among the organizations they assist are the House of Mercy and Upendo Children’s Home in Kenya, as well as Fowewe Children’s Home in Nigeria. Additionally, they provide support to a compassionate woman who was a long-term member of MKCC. She has returned to Kenya and taken on the responsibility of caring for five children from a family that was left parentless.

Awe and Gratitude

We are truly in awe of the incredible work that Lydia and the entire IPM team are involved in. Their unwavering commitment to prayer and their compassionate outreach is a shining example of Christ’s love in action. Their efforts have made a significant impact in our city and beyond, bringing hope and transformation to the lives of countless individuals.

To express our gratitude and support their ongoing mission, we are honoured to present a small gift of £500 to contribute to their work in Kenya and Nigeria. This donation will help provide care and support for vulnerable children, giving them a chance at a brighter future.

The journey of faith is not meant to be travelled alone. It is when believers, inspired by their love for God, come together in unity, pursuing their passions and engaging in fervent prayer, that remarkable things happen. Through the dedication and compassion of individuals like Lydia and the IPM team, we witness the power of collective action, spreading God’s love and transforming lives.

We encourage everyone within our church family and beyond to embrace their God-given passions, seek His vision for their lives, and join hands with others to make a difference in their communities and the world. Together, we can unleash the kingdom of God, bringing hope, healing, and love to those who need it most.

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Find out more about Impact Prayer Ministry.

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