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Sign up for our Pre-Baptism class

On Sunday 3rd July Milton Keynes Christian Centre will be hosting its next Baptism Sunday. Whatever your age, if you are a Christian and you are considering Baptism, then the Pre-Baptism Class is for you!

Baptism is the outward, public symbol of an inward spiritual commitment to Jesus. It is a significant milestone in the life of any Christian.

Adult Pre-Baptism Classes

Join us for our next course

Sign up for one of our Adult Pre-Baptism classes at 10:45am on 12th June.  Here you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and find out more about this next step.

Fuse and DK Pre-Baptism Classes

Courses for children

If you have a child in Discovery Kids or Fuse then you can sign them up for one of the Pre-Baptism classes below.  The team will meet and talk about what Baptism means and what it means to them.