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Eyewitness – A Final Meal With Friends

About This Talk

If you were having a last meal with your family, when you know that you will not see them again, what would you say? What would you do? Jesus had a Last Supper with his disciples which has had an eternal significance. In this message find out two things that were changed forever and which the disciples were eyewitnesses of.

Thoughts To Consider

Imagine this was the last time you would see your friends

What would you say?

How would you feel?

About The Series

“As we near Easter we will turn to the last few pages of Luke’s first book to the spiritual seeker Theophilus.”

In Luke’s Gospel the writer carefully and comprehensively sets out to document the true story of Jesus and the birth of His church. Much of that work included tracking down and interviewing reliable eyewitnesses to the life and work of Jesus, as he established the facts and corroborated the events in the life and short ministry of this man.

Join us in a fascinating study of the Easter story that is the bedrock of the Christian faith. An ancient story that still echoes with deep significance for us today through eyewitness accounts.


Read Luke 22:7-22

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