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Faith That’s Courageous

About This Talk

Your faith has to be active and alive every day. It is about what you believe, what you are persuaded most about, and your strongest convictions.

This week we learnt about someone who sought healing from Jesus because they had heard about Him. They were so desperate to be healed of their long-term, isolating condition that they broke all social norms to just touch Jesus' cloak and be healed. Use the video button to watch it again.

Thoughts To Consider

We see a Desperate Situation

We see a Deliberate Touch

We see Complete Deliverance

We see a Public Declaration

About The Series

“Jesus marvelled and recognised people who truly lived by faith.”

There are a few moments in the Bible where Jesus specifically mentions, notices, and praises a person’s faith. 

They weren’t the people you’d expect Jesus to praise for their faith, they weren’t Rabbi’s, disciples, they didn’t have 100% attendance at church…. No, the faith that Jesus noticed was that of the 

  • The Centurion… A Roman Soldier, a representative of occupation – Israel’s enemy
  • The Woman with bleeding was unclean according to Jewish law 
  • The Canaanite woman, from a nation, always seen as an enemy of Israel 

The faith that Jesus noticed wasn’t based on someone’s background, experience, qualifications, culture or history, in this series we’ll explore the kind of faith that He did notice and commend and ask how we can apply some of those principles to our life of faith today. 


Read Mark 5:25-33

What is impressive about the woman’s faith and why?

What is impressive about Jesus’ response and why?

The woman “heard about Jesus”.  Who can you share this message with?

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