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FoodCycle volunteers use surplus food, that would otherwise go to waste, to cook and serve a nutritious , warm meal which is free and open to everyone

Every week, at Fishermead on Thursday evenings and at Wolverton on Friday lunchtimes, FoodCycle volunteers provide a warm meal which is free and open to everyone.  As a result, they address food poverty, food waste and, because many of their guests come every week, social isolation, all in one go!

Could you help?

From a volunteer’s point of view, it’s hugely rewarding and a lot of fun.  The other great thing about volunteering with FoodCycle is that there are roles to suit everyone (food collection, cooking, front of house), it’s only a few hours, and each volunteer can choose the sessions they want to do without committing to something every week.

The FoodCycle team would be absolutely delighted to welcome any members of the local community to one of their meals, either as a guest or as a volunteer.  In fact, coming along to a meal as a guest is an excellent first step to see how it all works.

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