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In 2023 our Be Rich campaign raised over £14,000 for our ForMK Crisis Fund.  This fund is like a ray of light for people in our community who need a helping hand. Here is just one of the stories of how your giving makes a difference.

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A Story of Hope: ‘John’s’ Journey

‘John’ (name changed for confidentiality), is a young person in a family struggling against multiple adversities. John faces significant health challenges, including pre-diabetes and the need for an operation hindered by his excess weight. His family’s situation is complicated further by financial constraints and the necessity for his siblings to help care for their mother, who had to give up work due to her health issues.

With their father as the sole earner, balancing work and numerous medical appointments, the family found it increasingly difficult to provide John with opportunities to engage in activities that could aid in his weight loss—a crucial step for his upcoming surgery.

The Difference Your Generosity Made

Through your generous donations to the ForMK Crisis Fund through the Be Rich campaign, we partnered with MK Council to provide much-needed support to John and his family. Recognising their lack of access to outdoor spaces for exercise, we were able to offer essential resources that allow John to exercise at home, directly contributing to his health and well-being.

The Power of Community Support

This support goes beyond just aiding John’s physical health. It’s about lifting a family’s spirit, reducing stress, and providing a sense of hope and support. It’s a clear illustration of how our community, bound together by the ethos of Give, Serve, Love, can make a real difference in people’s lives.

A Continued Call to Action

Stories like John’s are poignant reminders of why we do what we do. Our acts of kindness, no matter how small they may seem, can significantly impact others’ lives.

An Invitation to Keep Giving

Together, we have the power to unleash a wave of generosity across Milton Keynes. Your involvement, whether through financial contributions, volunteering, or simply spreading the word, is invaluable. Let’s continue to work together under the Be Rich banner, changing lives one act of kindness at a time.

“Give a little, change a lot” – this is not just a slogan; it’s the reality we live by. Your generosity truly makes a difference. Let’s keep this spirit alive and continue to transform lives through our collective efforts.

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