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Investing in our local community

About The MKCC Fund

In 2019, Milton Keynes Christian Centre celebrated its 40th anniversary. As a reflection of their commitment to invest into the local community and the church's ongoing generosity, they were able to establish a fund of £40,000 to help local community groups and charities address the needs of people within Milton Keynes. This is known as the ‘MKCC Fund’.

The ForMK Team partners with Milton Keynes Community Foundation Philanthropy Team, who administer the Fund. The Fund helps projects and initiatives that focus on mental health and wellbeing, building cohesive communities, protecting and enabling those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable, and enhancing education, training and empowerment for marginalised ethnic communities.

The Projects We've Funded

To widen the reach of the Fund, a threshold of £1,500 was set to fund or part-fund a project. Here are some of the projects we have been able to fund so far:

Motus: £1,500

Funding for an Art Therapy Course running in four local schools to showcase community art and dance therapy in Milton Keynes.

Nigerian Community Association: £1,000

Funding for a cooking project for young Nigerian children to build identity, confidence, and enhance cooking skills.

Citizens Advice: £1,500

Supporting the integration of the ‘Work For Us’ Charity, focused on providing support for those who have been out of work for a long period of time.

Wriggle Dance Theatre: £1,500

Supporting the rehearsal and delivery of 8 interactive dance theatre performances of their production ‘Rainbow Fish goes Adrift’ in local libraries and non-theatre spaces.

Living World of Fashion: £786

Funding to deliver 6 fashion workshops in schools, using recycled materials to encourage student’s creativity and innovation.

Shenley Christian Fellowship: £1,400

Supporting the church’s community support work, training 10 volunteers to visit local families who may be struggling with a range of issues including bereavement, isolation, post-natal depression, or child care.

British Red Cross: £1,500

For their ‘Destitution Service’ helping 20 asylum seekers, refugees & vulnerable migrants with practical support needs, who would not otherwise be in a position to support themselves due to immigration issues &/or lack of access to support services and benefits

Newport Pagnell Town Panthers FC: £1,300

To fund the purchase of football equipment used for their 12 teams of under 10’s, their disability team (Bobicats) and girls training group (Wildcats)

Peak Empower: £750

HERO project (Home education and recreational opportunities) offering a free programme in Milton Keynes for young people with additional needs who are currently being homeschooled, which includes sporting activities and a mental health course.

Schoolreaders: £1,200

To support the cost of recruiting, placing and supporting volunteers who will work with partner schools to provide one-to-one support to primary school children. With the impact of COVID increasing the number of children missing out on school, the need for this service is on the increase. Our fund contribution will be able to increase reading volunteers from the existing count of 7 to allow for a further 24

Harry’s Rainbow Charitable Trust: £1,350

This bereavement care service will be able to add a ‘Grief Chat Service’ to their website for one year. COVID restrictions resulted in an inability to provide in-person support and as restrictions ease, and demand on their services increase, the ‘Grief Chat’ will allow beneficiaries, immediate access & support to a trained bereavement counsellor

Autism Bedfordshire: £1,500

To expand their service to encompass demand from within Milton Keynes. The project seeks to help autistic adults build the confidence to go back into the community, visit shops & other amenities, and use public transport. The fund contribution will provide specialist trained support to help them cope with and get through this difficult time

Worktree: £1,500

To deliver a project that aims to develop Police Trust through ‘Primary Work Out sessions’ in local Schools. Sessions will be delivered in feeder and other primary schools from which pupils join MK Academy. The project is intended to have a lasting effect on pupils’ attitude towards the police, through live conversations about officers’ personal experiences of their policing careers and experiences to date.

Autism Early Support: £429

To pilot support groups for parents with children with Autism. The pilot will run over three months. The groups will provide much-needed emotional support for up to 10 attendees per session, along with more practical guidance and sharing of knowledge on topics such as support with early diagnosis processes; and the achievement of an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP); and provision for the child with autism. The groups will also enable the parents to gain advice and suggestions on how best to support the wider family

Emily Star: £1500

After 12-15 months of isolation due to shielding, many of the Emily Star families need extra help and support as they emerge out of restrictions. This project will run a ‘Summer Of Fun’ project where children with complex needs enjoy 2 fun-filled summer days out with support & help from Emily’s Star volunteers. 15 families will benefit from this project, trips could include the zoo, farm, or theme parks

Carers MK: £1,150

To fund 10 floristry sessions over the next year for adult carers to participate in. Throughout lockdown conditions, session will be delivered online by qualified and experienced florists on Zoom. The workshop will provide an hour session that allows carers to be creative, have a chat with other carers, and feel like they are doing something for themselves.

Coffee Hall Residents Association: £400

Towards the costs of running a community get together so that residents could re-engage with their community and alleviate low levels of mental health and isolation as a result of the pandemic.

Wolverton Community Orchard: £875

To fund the renovation of a Victorian Railway carriage and construction works improving accessibility. As Wolverton is an old railway town the group aim to keep its history alive by rescuing the Victorian Railway Carriage. The renovation works will allow the group to continue using it for serving refreshments at events, whilst ensuring that visitors can safely and comfortably enjoy the historical experience

Daytop Multicultural: £1,500

To fund training and empowering 15 women Not in Education, Employment or Training within the Black Asian Minority Ethnic group in Fashion Design, Sewing acquisition and skills in starting up a business. Over 12 weeks the course will help recover from the financial and social loss caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The project will reunite women within the community, prevent loneliness & isolation and help mental illness.

Animal Antiks: £1500

To fund work with local support groups such as Carers MK to identify individuals who are struggling with mental health challenges or experiencing social isolation. The funding goes towards providing 15 weekly Mental Health Wellbeing Walk & Talks. Participants will walk with alpacas out over the fields and tracks of a 230-acre farm

Friends of Moorlands: £750

To provide 50 beneficiaries from the Beanhill catchment area a summer holiday trip to Whipsnade Zoo. The day out is intended to meet the need of providing an enriched experience by offering an activity that prevents the beneficiaries from being socially isolated

Transitions UK: £3,000

To support young people who are at risk of offending or criminal exploitation through a wraparound service tailored to the needs of the individual to include mentoring, befriending, personal life planning, skills development sessions, therapeutic inputs and interventions, work opportunities and employment skills, confidence building and personal development.

Make a difference

Help deliver hope and meet the needs of communities across Milton Keynes.