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Our Values

We believe:

Every individual is unique, has value and is important.

Each person has a significant part to play within our community.

Ordinary everyday actions can produce extraordinary outcomes

ForMK … Driven by People. Fuelled by Passion. Destined to reach our Community

Passionate About People

People are at the heart of the community. We recognise that each person is unique, has worth and has value.

Our passion for meeting the needs of others is an expression of love for the people of our community & is the driving force that maintains the momentum of all that forMK delivers.

Given to Generosity

Giving gets things done… it moves the gears from ‘Neutral’ to ‘Drive’ and sets wheels in motion for action. Investment is an expression of confidence; Generosity reflects commitment.

ForMK wants to invest generously in our City with time, talent, skill, and finances because we are confident and committed to successfully delivering change and impacting lives. Let’s give generously!

Committed to Community

Community is the place where we live, love & work and we are committed to making it the best environment for all who are a part of it. We want to create a place that people love and feel loved because their needs are met.

ForMK is committed to identifying the priority community needs, responding effectively to that need and measuring the impact.

Who We Are

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