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As parents, we want to pray for our children. But sometimes, it can be hard to know how or where to begin. If you have children of any age, here’s some thoughts to help direct your prayers.

1. Salvation

This is the most important decision our kids can ever make. I want my child to understand the love of Jesus, how it frees us from death and sin. I pray even before birth that God will lead them to a place of surrender. I don’t want them to pray a prayer; I want them to be set on fire for a new life. I want my child to understand what it means to follow Jesus with their whole life, to be radically different because they have been changed forever by a God who loves radically. It is scary to think about how little control we have over eternal matters, no control really. But I am asking God daily to give my child a new life (Mark 5:40-42).

2. Generosity

I want my child to love being generous, to give their time and money away freely. There is so much joy in generosity. I want them to experience that joy and I want them to know what it feels like to not have to worry about money or possessions because they have a good Father that promises to take care of them. (Luke 12:22-32).

3. Wisdom

How many poor decisions and bad circumstances could we have avoided in our own past if we just used better judgment?  I don’t want to force my child into making good decisions, because I know there will come a day when I am not there to guide them. They have to be able to make decisions on their own.

I want my child to understand that spending time with God every day and reading their Bible is the best way to gain wisdom. The best way for me or you not to feel the heartache that comes with a rebellious child is to ask God to give our kids wisdom and a heart that loves Scripture.

4. Faith

I want my child to have bold faith: the kind of faith that walks into burning furnaces (Daniel 3), the kind of faith written about in Hebrews 11. I want my child to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is good, and God can be trusted. I know that if my child ever grasps that concept it will change the way they live. I want them to live the adventure of faith, with a willingness to follow God to the end of the earth. I want my child to get so caught up in chasing a cause God places in her heart that nothing else matters.

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