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What does the lifting of restrictions mean for us? Check out this article to stay updated on specific information for in-person services as it comes available.

If you’re a regular watcher of our online services and you’re considering joining us in-person sometime soon, or you’re a regular with us in the room, we thought you might want to know what changes we’ll be making, to mark July 19th – or “Freedom Day” as it’s being called.

The Changes

It’s probably the most significant shift that the Government has allowed for a long time. So, you’ll be pleased to know from Sunday July 25th:

• We’re all able to sing!
• There’ll no longer be a one-way system.
• You can enjoy a tea or coffee together after the service – the whole space outside in the Foyer will be open as normal.


That’s all in addition to being able to come to church in a group of all sizes, even if you’re not in the same household. For a lot of people, this has been really good news over the last few months!

Let’s Be Wise

Of course, cases are still high and rising, and so, because of where we are at in the pandemic we want to keep being wise – optimistic but cautious. So, we’ll still continue social distancing in the Auditorium, and we’ll be encouraging people to consider wearing a mask indoors when moving around the building.

What We’re Looking Forward To

Here are a few other things as well to get excited about – we’ll also be re-opening:

• The Guest Lounge
• Connection Point
• Baby Place (Creche)

It’s going to feel a lot more vibrant and full of life – a bit more “normal” again – here in the building! That’s all starting from 25 July onwards, so to book in for services in-person, keep booking as normal via the website –

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