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Friends of Moorlands are a group of parents and carers who are working with Moorlands Primary School to raise additional funding which is spent on the pupils in the school.

The Friends of Moorlands was established in June 2018.  Since September 2019 they have held a Football Speed Challenge with the help of Silverdale Football Association, an  Autumn Disco and a Christmas Fair.

FORMK were able to support the Friends of Moorlands through the ‘MKCC Fund’

Friends of Moorlands acknowledge that school holidays can be particular pressure points for some families because of increased costs, such as food and childcare and reduced incomes

Recently we gave Friends of Moorlands £750 through the MKCC Fund towards providing 50 beneficiaries from the Beanhill catchment area a summer holiday trip to Whipsnade Zoo. The day out is intended to meet the need of providing an enriched experience by offering an activity that prevents the beneficiaries from being socially isolated

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