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Over the last few months, it has been heartbreaking to hear and see the tragic toll the COVID-19 pandemic has has had across the world, and in particular on the nation of India.

Each year, we run a special campaign called ‘All In’. The campaign is a particular highlight in the church calendar where we come together to play our part in God’s mission to know Him and to make Him known around the world.

Through our giving to All In we continue to support the ‘Home of Faith’ in India and a team at ‘India Gospel Mission’ in Chennai. Our giving in recent months has helped support both children and all the staff and teams at this critical time.

The COVID crisis has also brought incredible opportunities for our church to demonstrate the miraculous love of Jesus to people across India.

We asked Joe, a friend of our Leadership Team from India Gospel Mission, to share an update with us. Here’s what he shared:

Since the Government ended lockdown, we have been able restart most of our work. We have done this carefully, ensuring we follow all the COVID regulations. The children in our care have been able to transition to their new classes and we have commenced online classes for our older students.

During lockdown the opportunities for us to help our community were great. The restrictions were particularly hard on those living on the streets and slums who had no food. Because of the work we have done over many years in this area, the Government approached us to organise and distribute food to those in need.

With the help of some food companies, we were able to distribute 14,000 food parcels a day. By the grace of God, with the help of Staff, Pastors, Volunteers and Students, so far we have distributed 285,000 food packets and groceries to 1.600 families.

Through your generosity to our All In campaign, we have been able to support the work of Home Of Faith and India Gospel Mission. Together, we have given over £114,000 to All In in the last twelve months, including £56,500 to our work in India and Uganda.

Your giving is already making a real difference in the lives of people across the world, and we want to continue reaching people for Jesus! If you would like to get involved, take some time to prayerfully consider two ways you can be “All In”. First, you can make a pledge to give regularly towards our All In Fund for the next twelve months or, you can give a one-off gift, of any amount.

I want to give to All In 🌍 Give Today

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