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In February, a group from the UK visited projects that LightForce International support in India. Kathryn shares her experience.

I decided to go to India this past February to explore the impact that India Gospel Mission (IGM) and the Home of Faith are having in their local areas. I was specifically drawn to India because of their work with the children’s homes, which is very close to my heart. Going in, I knew that they were doing incredible work, but nothing truly could have prepared me for the work that is being done over there.

I truly felt blown away by everything that they are able to do. For all of the employees, it’s not just a job to them, but a lifestyle. Being there, you can tangibly feel how loved the children are; how they have formed a family, where the older children take care of and help the younger children among them. Many of the adults who have now moved on to be staff came through some of the children homes and wanted to give back their time to impact the next generation. It was incredibly moving and humbling to see.

When trying to think of a lasting memory, I feel at a loss for words. This trip will always have left a lasting impact on my heart. One that sticks out to me was getting to chat to a young girl who has just qualified as a nurse. Alongside working as a nurse, she is dedicating her spare time back into helping at IGM – what an incredible thing! Not only can we see the impact on the children currently being looked after, but a multi-generational effect of wanting to give back and sow into ministries that are doing such incredible things.

Why should you go? Sometimes it’s easy to get into the routine of giving, but not truly grasping the impact that our time, money and generosity has on our missions areas. You’ll get to first-hand see the incredible projects taking place, meet key leaders that you can lift up in prayer and give a bit of your time that I can promise you, will not be wasted.

After all, why hear about it when you can go and see for yourself? It truly will be a trip that you will never forget.

Kathryn Engela-Higham

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