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I was privileged to travel with a group of MKCC staff and volunteers to India from 8-15th February 2024. The trip lasted 1 week and was organised by MKCC to support and witness the ongoing work of LightForce International (LFI) with India Gospel Mission (IGM) and the Home of Faith in India.

My first impressions were the fantastic hospitality and personal attention offered by Joe Williams and his team from IGM. The team at IGM were very professional and it was clear that there is a well-organised team behind the work at IGM. The organisation is involved in so many activities and we managed to visit – 3 children’s homes, a medical outreach in a rural village, a leprosy colony village and food distribution at a local rural village. We were also privileged to attend a Sunday service in the grounds of IGM, where several of us shared testimonies and encouraging words from the Bible. At the venues, we were shown around the various activities and participated in handing out food parcels, and garden plants or serving cooked food to the attendees.

The children’s homes were a special joy as we encountered children who were rescued from very deplorable conditions but seemed to be so filled with joy and gratitude for the safety and security provided by IGM. There was immense pride in the accomplishments, especially at the graduation ceremony for the students on the penultimate day of our visit. The children in the homes were very welcoming and many of them were really open and willing to share their ambitions and progress at IGM. We also had the privilege of seeing some former children from the IGM homes, who were now successful in employment and giving back to the IGM community by volunteering and supporting financially. They were also fantastic role models for the younger kids still at the homes.

The visit to Home of Faith was short but a very rich one. The welcome was a very colourful and memorable experience with fireworks, dancing and music going on for quite a while after we arrived. There were also tributes to Pastor George, with a large banner of him close to the entrance. It was great to see the progress made at Home of Faith with the compound well demarcated into different blocks, including offices, dormitories, poultry pen, and garden, as well as the new kitchen and dining room recently funded by MKCC. There was also the new block of 4 rooms named after MKCC, which will house new arrivals to Home of Faith until they can be integrated into the rest of the community.

All in all, I thank God for an amazing and successful trip and also for the incredible work that He is doing in India through the support of MKCC and LFI. It was also an honour to see first-hand the impact our giving at MKCC is having around the world. I hope to definitely be part of further Mission trips in the future.

Tayo Kufeji

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