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Since 2003, we have been supporting the work of the India Gospel Mission (IGM) in Chennai, India.  This has enabled them to run Children’s Homes in their local district to support orphaned and vulnerable children, amongst many other activities.

Here is an update from Joe Williams, director of IGM, about a significant recent development.

Caring for Children

We have been working 24/7 for the care and protection of children in our district. We used to receive rescued children at the unusual hours like 2 am and early mornings. Few children would have lost their parents (orphans) and some child trafficking (sexual abuse). We used to receive more girls in past years in our district.

The next district has a reception unit/open shelter which is quite far to travel during odd hours from our district. Since IGM is located near to the National Highway, the police department, the district child protection officers, and the child welfare committee (CWC) with the help of the rescue team, send the rescued children to IGM for a temporary shelter.

Government Support

After the legal procedures like police complaints, medical investigations, court trials, and counselling from the IGM staff members the rescued children become mentally fit to move from our place. But most of the time the CWC retains the child in IGM. Sometimes they shift the child to different homes or send with the parents/ guardian if available.

In this situation, the government was searching to start a Temporary Open Shelter which would be accessible for everyone. Since IGM has been awarded as the best childcare institution in 2017, also it has been represented on 14th April 2022; we made an appeal of request to the Government officers to give us a Government grant to run the open shelter with an officially licensed institute for the open shelter. After a long discussion and request, the Government had taken our application for the Government grant. Initially, they need a separate place for the children which can accommodate 25 children with the Government required facilities as per the law.

Making Changes

So, we decided to give a place where the children were living previously (an older dormitory). The 1st floor of the dormitory has to be demolished. So, we showed to the Government the ground floor with the major renovation which will be taken care of by the Government.

So, we started the renovation work for that building which has been inspected by the officials. So, renovation work expenses will be met by the Government. The officers also inspect the place often.

God At Work

We believe the renovation work will be completed by end of October. Right after that, the Government will start funding for 25 children in the open shelter, 8 staff, food maintenance, and staff salary will be paid by the Government (Tamil Nadu Government)

It was really a milestone for IGM to get a grant from the Government for this project. This was all through hard work, prayers, and your support.  So, this project will be very useful for the children’s care and protection even for other district children. God is gracious and making IGM ministries move forward to the next level.

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