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In June, we were delighted to welcome Pastor Joe Williams from the Indian Gospel Mission to Milton Keynes.

The Indian Gospel Mission (IGM) was founded by Rev Jacob Williams and this work is being continued and expanded by his son, Joseph. For many years, Milton Keynes Christian Centre has been supporting IGM through LightForce International.

We were pleased to recently welcome Pastor Joseph Williams to Milton Keynes Christian Centre to hear about the great work that IGM are doing and to pledge our continuing support for their ministry to children and people in need in India.

The primary role of IGM is around the operation of boys and girls children’s homes. They take in children of any age who have been referred by the local agencies. These can range from abandoned babies to children who have suffered abuse. These children are given a safe home and encouraged to reach their full potential. They attend local schools and are provided with meals and care in the homes.

Alongside this IGM run a range of training projects including computer training and tailoring courses to give local children the opportunity to obtain useful skills and certification to help them in later life.

Outside of the local area, IGM is involved in feeding projects in villages and leprosy centres, a free medical centre in a nearby village and emergency crisis support during the floods that have affected their local area over recent years.

They also provide support for elderly people and widows who otherwise would be left to fend for themselves.

You can read more about the IGM support services here.

We interviewed Pastor Joe during his visit. Watch the video to learn more about IGM’s work in India. And click below if you wish to donate to this excellent ministry.

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