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anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practises and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

– Matthew 5:19

You have heard that it was said

We are excited to announce our new sermon series at Milton Keynes Christian Centre titled “Kingdom Grace – But I Say”. This series continues our journey through Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount, delving into some of the most challenging and often avoided topics such as murder, anger, adultery, divorce, vows, revenge, and loving enemies. Rather than pointing out our flaws or condemning us, Jesus’ message is about helping us realise our need for His beautiful, saving grace—a grace that reaches deeper, stretches further, and spreads wider than we can ever fully comprehend.

Each week, we will explore the structure Jesus uses in Matthew 5, beginning with “You have heard it said” to refer back to the high standards set by the Old Testament law and how the Pharisees interpreted that law. This setup emphasises the high expectations of righteousness that were designed to guide people but often ended up being a burden. Jesus acknowledges this but then takes it a step further with “But I say,” raising the bar even higher and presenting a level of righteousness that is impossible to achieve through human effort alone.

But I say

This may seem daunting at first—why would Jesus set a target that no one can attain? The answer lies in the essence of His message: to show that living by the law and relying on our own efforts will always fall short. In highlighting this, Jesus underscores our universal need for His grace. This series touches on some very personal and challenging subjects, but the overarching theme is that while none of us are worthy to cast stones, we are all recipients of His glorious grace. When we truly understand that we are all sinners who need a saviour, we can fully appreciate the emphasis on His grace.

As we navigate these difficult scriptures, we hope that first-time guests and long-time members will feel the overwhelming sense of grace that Jesus offers. Through practical takeaways, we aim to provide you with guidance on how to flee from lust, forgive others, speak the truth, and love your enemies. Ultimately, this series is about drawing people back to the heart, love, and grace of Jesus, making His teachings relevant to our lives today. Join us in this transformative journey and discover how His boundless grace can touch and change every part of your life.

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