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LightForce International are in need of your urgent support to enable them to continue to impact the lives of people in Lira & Masaka, Uganda

Every £1 received in Uganda is now worth 85p compared with January 2022 due to poor exchange rates. In addition, food has increased in price along with almost every commodity.  Your continuing and urgent support is needed to help fill this funding hole.
Despite this, through LightForce International, we continue to help families & individuals with food, clothing & finances; children & young people to be educated and implement sustainable farming methods for the future.  Here is one area to celebrate.


Currently, around 400 people attend the LightForce campus each day. The majority are our school children, vocational trainees and staff.  We have 3 schools. Nursery, Primary and Vocational.
Our Nursery and Primary School has 275 pupils with around 140 being sponsored to attend our schools. Children are supported in other schools too.
The Vocational school has 65 trainees. We teach tailoring, agriculture and mechanics – all non-formal, on-the-job training.
The LightForce Farm is a resource for education. Apart from our trainees from the Vocational School who work daily on the farm, we host visitors who come to see what we are doing. Also, a number of Universities and institutions send their students to do fieldwork and internship with us.
As well as funding the staff wages, we cover the cost of feeding pupils, trainees and staff.  Every pound you can give will help us continue to provide high-quality education to many children and young people who otherwise would miss out.  You can donate today to our All In Mission Fund by clicking the Button below.

I want to give to the All In Mission Fund 🌍 Give Today

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