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LightForce International are in need of your urgent support to enable them to continue to impact the lives of people in Lira & Masaka, Uganda

Every £1 received in Uganda is now worth 85p compared with January 2022 due to poor exchange rates. In addition, food has increased in price along with almost every commodity.  Your continuing and urgent support is needed to help fill this funding hole.
Despite this, through LightForce International, we continue to help families & individuals with food, clothing & finances; children & young people to be educated and implement sustainable farming methods for the future.  Here is one area to celebrate.


There are several projects in Lira, Northern Uganda and elsewhere that are funded through your donations.
Girls Project – a monthly fellowship attended by around 250 girls. Worship, prayer, preaching, health education and counselling precede the distribution of feminine hygiene materials.
HIV Widows – this group of 48 ladies also have a monthly fellowship. We provide them with sugar and soap each meeting. Worship, prayer and health advice are appreciated by this group. We are also training them in some income-generating activities to help them support themselves.
Community Clinic – Our community clinic has 2 nurses and serves the local community as well as our children, students, staff and many of their families providing basic treatment and health advice.

Lira Prison – there are over 1,000 inmates in Lira Prison. We have been supporting the chaplaincy and providing weekly supplementary vegetables and from time to time soap, razor blades and smearing cream.

Ministry in Masaka

We continue to support Bruno and Mary who pastor Victory Church in a rural community in Southern Uganda. Children are supported to attend schools in the area too.

I want to give to the All In Mission Fund 🌍 Give Today

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