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ForMiltonKeynes are supporting the Lord Grey Academy

Through ForMiltonKeynes we have been able to support the Lord Grey Academy through a donation of £500 to their Student Incentive Scheme

The headteacher at Lord Grey Academy said:

Lord Grey Academy has attendance above National currently this year at 90%. We must recognise though that National attendance is not 96% as in previous years. However, we believe that there has been around 17% of our community who have been affected with their attendance to school post-pandemic and have struggled to get back into the routine of school. We truly believe in the power of education and we hope that with your donation we will be able to create a reward system that rewards the child and their family for the effort they make in beating this year’s attendance and attending school every day.

The students that we will be targeting are our disadvantaged students and those whose attendance is essential but also those whose attendance sometimes is not as strong as their non-disadvantaged peers. This reward scheme will create an extrinsic motivation whereas attending school will give an intrinsic motivation. Together we will motivate those young people to be in school every day. We hope to see a reduction in the 17% of persistent absentees to lower than 10%. We truly believe that Lord Grey Can and appreciate forMK’s support.