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Each year, we run a special campaign called ‘All In’. The campaign is a particular highlight in the church, where we come together to play our part in God’s mission to know Him and to make Him known around the world.

Through this year’s All In Campaign, we have already invested £60,000 to support people in Uganda, India, and Albania through various projects with Pastor George and LightForce International.

We spoke to Pastor George in Uganda, who shared some of the many stories of how your contributions have helped those in need so far this year. Here’s what he shared:

“I arrived in Uganda on 6 April, and soon after, the Government introduced a local lockdown. Uganda is now on UK’s Red Travel List, so I am unable to return home. While we’re not able to leave Lira, where LightForce International is based in Uganda, we have used the time to work on the development of our Farm.

So far, we’ve built a warehouse and large store and are currently extending the roof on the back of one building to provide a paddock for our livestock. We have also added a second silage bunker which will be filled with maize next week.

Our vision is to see the Farm provide a place for students to train, and create long-term sustainability for our projects in Uganda, for generations to come. In the past year, the signs of success are visible. We’ve been able to sell eggs, chickens and pigs, as well as opening a Farm Shop – now open 6 days a week. We’re looking forward to the time when COVID-19 is no longer an issue, so that we can add to this project by opening a Pork and Chicken Grill in the orange gardens that we are maturing around the Farm Shop.

We are currently in the process of building three chicken houses, adding parking, putting walls and fencing around the Farm Shop, and eventually around the Grill too. Unfortunately, due to break-ins at the Farm Shop, we have had to install a security system including 10 CCTV cameras and security lighting. Despite the lockdown restrictions, we have been able to use the time wisely to develop our infrastructure and run training for 12 young farmers.

The local community of Lira have faced enormous challenges throughout the pandemic and even more so during the repeated lockdowns. This time has been a poignant reminder of our vision to bring good news to the poor and practical help to those in need. Through your giving to this year’s All In campaign, we have been able to help people with rent, medical bills, food and many other important supplies.

In particular, we continue to support four groups of widows living with HIV, giving practical help each month. We have also launched a new project this year, supporting over 150 young women and girls with feminine hygiene. The group meet for two hours for spiritual input, life advice, and health information. LightForce International also serves as chaplain to the local Lira Central Prison which has over 1,000 in mates.

I’m also pleased to let you know that the church is doing well. Bruno and Mary continue to lead with great love and faith. Their three children are also doing well, and so are the five children of Mary’s late sister.”

Pastor George’s message is extremely inspiring – it portrays the incredible impact the All In Campaign can make in the lives of individuals around the globe.

If you have already started giving to this year’s All In Campaign, thank you so much for your generous sacrifice. If you have not yet had the chance to make a contribution, the opportunity to give is still available. You can securely give online here.

I want to give to All In 🌍 Give Today

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