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The Milton Keynes Prison Fellowship Prayer Group are looking to get more volunteers on board. They particularly need volunteers who can help deliver the Sycamore Tree programme

Sycamore Tree is a volunteer-led victim awareness programme that teaches the principles of restorative justice. It is taught in prisons in groups of up to twenty learners, over a six-week period. Learners on the programme explore the effects of crime on victims, offenders, the wider community and discuss what it would mean to take responsibility for their personal actions.

Sycamore Tree is an accredited programme and is proven to change attitudes that contribute to reoffending. The programme is consistent with the pathways determined by Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) to reduce reoffending.

The Milton Keynes Prison Fellowship team are looking for Tutors, Group Facilitators and Victims of criminal acts.


Time required: 4-5 hours per week during a six-week course, as scheduled by the prison

The Sycamore Tree Tutor runs Prison Fellowship’s 6-week Sycamore Tree victim awareness course in prison for up to 20 prisoners.
Volunteers must have a teaching qualification to be considered for the role.

The role includes: preparing and delivering the course material provided and assessing workbooks; supporting and leading your existing group facilitators and helping to build the local Sycamore Tree team; training new group facilitators and victims of crime; facilitating community members to come in for week 6 of the course.

You will be someone with leadership skills, sensitivity, a non-judgemental attitude, be organised, and have a commitment to safeguarding and protecting vulnerable children/adults.


Time required: 3-4 hours per week during a six-week course, as scheduled by the prison

The Group Facilitators work with the Sycamore Tree Tutor and support a small group of learners through the course.

The role includes: assisting the tutor in delivering the Sycamore Tree course; facilitating small group discussions; having an understanding of the learner’s journey through the material; completing post programme reports each week to track the learners’ progress.

You are comfortable facilitating small group discussions, a good listener, sensitive and non-judgemental, a team player and an encouragement to the learners, and committed to safeguarding and protecting vulnerable children/adults.


Time required: attend one session during a six-week course, as scheduled by the prison

For most learners on Sycamore Tree, the most powerful element of the programme is when a victim of crime comes in to talk through how crime has impacted their lives. Learners have an opportunity in the final session to express their remorse – some write letters, poems or create works of art or craft. Members of the community are invited to support and bear witness to these symbolic acts of restitution.

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