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In rural Morocco, the Hannan School has become a vital centre for community development and education. Supported by the Milton Keynes Christian Centre (MKCC), the school embodies our mission to extend support and bring positive change well beyond our local community, reaching out to bring hope and opportunities to underprivileged areas.

Watch this short video to hear direct from Hannah and Hmad of the Hannan Charity about the work taking place in Morocco.

Expanding Educational Opportunities

The recent expansion of Hannan School’s facilities marks a significant step forward in its mission to serve the community more effectively. With the move to larger premises, the school now accommodates more children, providing them with a nurturing environment conducive to learning and growth. The new building includes improved classrooms and a safe rooftop play area, allowing children to learn and play in a secure and stimulating environment.

Enriching Lives Through Learning and Play

Education at Hannan School goes beyond traditional academics; it includes fostering creativity and joy among its pupils. Volunteers from MKCC and the local community train the teachers to engage children in a variety of activities designed to develop their cognitive and social skills. From making and flying paper aeroplanes to singing and interactive games, each activity is designed to bring learning to life in the most joyful and engaging ways possible.

Stories of Impact

One particular story from the school involves a volunteer named Anthony, whose new song became a hit among the children. Such activities not only make learning fun but also help in building strong community bonds and instilling confidence in the children. These stories of impact highlight the transformative effect of combining education with creative play and personal attention.

Building Community Connections

The school also serves as a bridge between different cultures and communities. For instance, a visit from a high-profile policeman and his daughters provided an opportunity for meaningful cultural exchange and feedback. The officer’s daughters expressed their admiration for the school’s vibrant atmosphere, contrasting it significantly with their more traditional educational experiences. This type of feedback is invaluable as it underscores the importance of the school’s approach and its positive reception by the community.

A Model for Sustainable Support

Hannan School has also pioneered the use of innovative fundraising methods, such as partnering with Easyfundraising, to ensure sustainable financial support. This platform enables supporters from around the world to contribute to the school’s initiatives without any additional cost to them, simply by shopping online. Such methods not only provide a steady flow of support but also engage a broader community in the school’s mission.

The Hannan School is more than just an educational institution; it is a catalyst for community development and a beacon of hope in rural Morocco. Supported by the MKCC, the school continues to impact lives by providing children with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed. Through its commitment to education and community development, Hannan School not only transforms the lives of its students but also strengthens the entire community, paving the way for a brighter future.

Through projects like the Hannan School, MKCC fulfils its mission of bringing people together and nurturing them in a way that they can achieve their full potential, underscoring the profound impact of educational outreach in global communities.

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