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As the plane descended towards the vibrant city of Rabat, my heart raced with anticipation. Morocco was a land I had only ever dreamed of visiting. The rich colours, exotic scents, and the promise of adventure had always fascinated me. This trip, however, was more than just a travel opportunity; it was a mission with purpose, a chance to make a difference.

Arrival in Morocco

Our journey began with a brief stay in Casablanca, where the bustling markets and the humming city life were a stark contrast to the quiet, focused purpose of our mission. The next day, we travelled to Khenifra, a city cradled by the Atlas Mountains and caressed by the waters of the Oum Er-Rbia River. The scenic beauty of Khenifra was breathtaking, and it was here that we were to spend a transformative week.

A Week at Hannan School

Each morning of our stay was dedicated to visiting Hannan, a preschool operated by members of our MKCC family, Hannah and Hmad. The school was a haven of joy and laughter, where every corner echoed with the sounds of children playing and learning. We brought with us suitcases filled with clothes and toys, gifts for the children who awaited our arrival with wide-eyed wonder.

The first day at Hannan was a lesson in humility. As we distributed the toys and clothes, I saw the children’s faces light up with delight. It struck me deeply how such simple items, often taken for granted back home, were treasures here. The children’s gratitude was evident in their smiles and the shy ‘thank yous’ whispered in our direction.

The Trek to the Source of the River Oum Rabia

Midweek, we embarked on a trek to the Source of the River Oum Rabia. The day was intensely hot, the sun beating down relentlessly. Despite the heat, the trek was a journey through paradise. The path wound through lush forests where cedar trees stretched skyward, their branches a canopy above us. Along the way, we glimpsed monkeys darting through the trees, their playful antics a delightful distraction from the challenging hike.

Visiting Assaka

Perhaps the most heartwarming part of our trip was visiting Assaka, a small village with tightly knit community bonds evident in every interaction. The villagers welcomed us with open arms, inviting us into their homes with a generosity that knew no bounds. We were treated to meals cooked from the heart, each dish a story of the village and its people.

The simplicity and purity of these moments were profound. It was in Assaka that I truly understood the depth of human kindness. The villagers, with little to call their own, shared everything with us. Their hospitality was a living testament to the teachings of Jesus, embodying the essence of sharing and community.

Reflections and Revelations

Each night, as I lay in my modest room in Khenifra, I reflected on the day’s experiences. The laughter of the children at Hannan, the challenging yet beautiful trek, and the unconditional welcome of Assaka’s residents filled my thoughts. These experiences taught me more about life and love than I had learned in a lifetime.

I returned home with a heart full of stories and a spirit committed to doing more. The trip was not just about what we brought to Morocco but also about what Morocco gave to us—an understanding of the power of community and generosity.

A Call to Action

I share these stories hoping to inspire others within our community to support Hannan and perhaps to join us on future trips. The needs are great, and the opportunities to make a meaningful difference are many. Whether by donating, volunteering, or simply by spreading the word, you can be part of this beautiful journey that extends far beyond our borders.

This trip to Morocco was more than just a mission; it was a profound lesson in the power of connection and the profound impact we can have when we reach out in love and service.

Nyelah Aslam

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