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In the whirlwind of modern culture, taking a step back to observe and critique the societal currents that shape our lives becomes crucial. Delve into the significance of cultural observation and critique, and explore a simple yet profound step towards embodying the attitude of Jesus in the midst of it all.

Understanding Cultural Currents:

Our lives are intricately woven into the fabric of culture—an ever-shifting tapestry of values, trends, and ideologies. Cultural observation involves stepping back from the constant motion of life to keenly observe the influences that mould our thoughts, behaviours, and relationships.

In this digital age, cultural currents flow rapidly, shaping our perceptions of success, happiness, and fulfilment. From the pressures of social media to the relentless pursuit of productivity, our lives are often guided by unseen forces that demand attention and conformity.

Cultural critique, on the other hand, is not about dismissing every aspect of our cultural landscape. It’s a thoughtful examination of what aligns with our values and what may be pulling us away from a more purposeful and Christlike existence. It’s a courageous act of questioning societal norms and choosing a path that reflects our deepest convictions.

The Christlike Response:

Amidst the currents of culture, one transformative step towards embodying the attitude of Jesus is cultivating a spirit of radical inclusivity. Jesus’s life was characterized by a radical love that transcended societal norms and embraced individuals from all walks of life.

Radical inclusivity means extending love, compassion, and understanding to those who may be different from us—whether in beliefs, backgrounds, or lifestyles. It involves breaking down the barriers that culture often erects and reaching out with a genuine desire to connect.

In a world that sometimes fosters division and exclusivity, embodying the radical inclusivity of Jesus requires intentional acts of kindness and empathy. It involves listening without judgment, seeking to understand rather than to condemn, and recognizing the inherent worth of every individual.

A Simple Practice:

A practical step towards cultivating radical inclusivity in our daily lives is to engage in intentional conversations with people outside our usual circles. This could mean striking up a conversation with a colleague from a different department at work, reaching out to a neighbour we haven’t connected with, or volunteering in a community that we may not be familiar with.

By intentionally broadening our social interactions, we begin to break down the walls of cultural isolation. We open ourselves to diverse perspectives and experiences, fostering a spirit of inclusivity that mirrors the radical love demonstrated by Jesus during His earthly ministry.

In Conclusion:

Cultural observation and critique serve as navigational tools in the sea of societal influences. By thoughtfully examining the currents that shape our lives, we empower ourselves to make intentional choices aligned with our values. In responding with radical inclusivity, we not only break free from divisive cultural norms but also embody the transformative love exemplified by Jesus.

As we engage in intentional conversations and embrace the diversity around us, we take a tangible step towards fostering a culture of love, empathy, and inclusion. In doing so, we contribute to creating a world that mirrors the profound acceptance modelled by Jesus. This acceptance transcends cultural boundaries and embraces the inherent worth of every individual.

Source: “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” by John Mark Comer

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