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In the ever-accelerating pace of contemporary life, Cultural Hurry Sickness has become an epidemic, affecting the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of individuals.

John Mark Comer’s enlightening book, “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry,” delves into this phenomenon, offering insights and actionable steps to combat the relentless pace of our daily routines.

Understanding Cultural Hurry Sickness

Cultural Hurry Sickness is more than a personal quirk; it’s a societal ailment characterized by the incessant pursuit of success, validation, and constant busyness. The result is a pervasive feeling of exhaustion and disconnection, leaving many yearning for a reprieve from the relentless demands of our fast-paced lives.

A Strategic Pause Inspired by Jesus

In the quest to find respite from this cultural malady, Comer suggests a timeless practice inspired by the life of Jesus – the Sabbath. Contrary to a mere lazy Sunday afternoon, the Sabbath represents intentional rest, a deliberate break from work, technology, and the ceaseless pressure to perform.

Adopting the principle of the Sabbath might seem radical. However, it is a simple yet transformative step. Choose a day, be it Saturday, Sunday, or another that suits your schedule, to deliberately disconnect from work emails and social media. Use this time for genuine rest, reconnection with loved ones, and nurturing your faith.

Embracing the Sabbath is a countercultural act, a rebellion against the societal narrative that glorifies perpetual productivity. This intentional pause fosters a shift from the frenetic pace of life to a purposeful, meaningful journey.

Hit that Pause Button

Becoming more like Jesus isn’t about unattainable perfection; it’s about adopting His attitude of rest, connection, and intentional living. By incorporating the rhythm of rest into your routine, you wield a powerful weapon against the chaos of Cultural Hurry Sickness. Your life becomes one not of relentless haste, but of deliberate, thoughtful living. So, hit that pause button and witness the transformative impact of Sabbath rest on your journey through the tumultuous landscape of cultural hurry.

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