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Car Parking Volunteers Needed, Apply Now!

On Sundays, our on-site car park is available for new guests, those with mobility issues, and lone parents with children. To make sure we can provide space for these groups, everyone else should park at the MK College Car Park across the road. Parking is not available on the local streets.

To help things run smoothly, we need new volunteers for our Car Parking Team. As well as manning our car park at MKCC, the barriers at the MK College Car Park need to be manned as we welcome people attending our services each weekend.

Having space for our new guests and showing respect and care to those with disabilities or lone parents with children is something that should be important to all of us. If you have the time, once or twice a month, please consider volunteering to help the Car Parking Team. You can use the button below or talk to the team at the Connection Point in the Foyer after one of our services.

Sign up for the Car Parking Team

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