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Discover how MKCC is making a difference in India through funding for vital transport.

Within the vibrant yet challenging landscapes of Andhra Pradesh, the Home of Faith project stands as a living embodiment of Milton Keynes Christian Centre’s mission and values. Under the compassionate leadership of Sunitha Johnson, this sanctuary provides more than just shelter to vulnerable children—it is a foundation for a brighter future, deeply rooted in our church values of being Passionate about People and Given to Generosity.

This commitment was vividly demonstrated through the addition of a rickshaw to Home of Faith’s resources, funded by the profits from MK Conferencing at a cost of £4,500, including all taxes and extras to get it on the road. This investment is a tangible expression of our values in action. The rickshaw is not merely a mode of transportation; it symbolises the journey towards moving to maturity, offering the children an opportunity to access education, and by extension, a chance to transform their lives.

Milton Keynes Christian Centre is dedicated to bringing people to Jesus and equipping them to be fully devoted followers of Christ. This ethos is mirrored in the work at Home of Faith, where education serves as the cornerstone for growth and empowerment. The rickshaw initiative, enabling children to attend school, underscores our belief in being saved to serve and given to generosity. It’s a reflection of our dedication to making a difference in the lives of others, contributing to their journey towards spiritual and personal maturity.

The generous support from MKCC’s community, driven by a spirit of bringing our best and forgiven to forgive, highlights the profound impact collective action can have. It’s a powerful testament to how our contributions can facilitate significant change, reaffirming our commitment to generosity and service.

As we continue our support for Home of Faith, we’re reminded of our mission to not only bring people to Jesus but to foster environments where every individual, regardless of their background, can grow into fully devoted followers of Christ. The rickshaw’s daily journeys are more than just trips to school; they are steps towards fulfilling this mission, embodying our values of community, service, and generosity.

Through initiatives like the rickshaw project, MKCC and its community are making tangible differences in the lives of those at Home of Faith and beyond. It’s a vivid illustration of our values in action, a reminder of the impact we can achieve when we come together in service and generosity. As we look to the future, let’s continue to support such transformative projects, embracing our mission and values as we seek to make a lasting difference in the world.

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