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A Sensory Hub where parents can COME, CONNECT and feel CARED for.

The Sensory Suite continues to be utilised by a diverse range of users during the new term, including family groups, carers, charities, and specialised schools. It’s noteworthy that carers have been the most frequent users of the space, as they provide crucial support to learners.

It’s heartening to see that formal arrangements are in place for family members to provide respite care, and those charities such as Macintyre and MK Council are also using the Sensory Suite to support learners.
It’s clear that the sensory suite is meeting a real need in the community, and it’s wonderful that so many different groups are benefiting from it. The continued use of the Sensory Suite will enable learners to achieve their full potential, and carers and other support workers will find it a valuable resource in their efforts to provide the best possible care.

We are continuing to build partnerships with charities like Little Miracles and Xtra Special Families, and these partnerships have resulted in Christmas events for families in the community. Such events provide a great opportunity for families to come together and connect, especially during the festive season. We also held a Christmas party for MKCC Konnect families, and those families who attended were given hampers and vouchers as they left. These gestures can go a long way in showing families that they are valued and supported.

Partnerships with charities and other community organisations can be incredibly beneficial for all involved, as they allow for the sharing of resources and expertise and can lead to more comprehensive and effective support for families in need. I’m encouraged to continue building these partnerships and explore new ways of working together to support families in our community.

At the end of 2022, we received £2,500 from the All In Community Fund! The funding has enabled us to replenish resources and provide new experiences for users. For example, the introduction of the Colour catcher panel from Rompa is particularly exciting, as it provides visual and auditory rewards for taking part in activities. This interactive sensory experience can be particularly beneficial for learners of all ages. It can help to develop important foundational skills, such as matching, which are critical for language and mathematical concepts.

We’ve also purchased sensory floor mats and staple-stein stepping stones, which allow children to walk barefoot and can have a positive impact on posture, balance, creativity, imagination, communication skills, and gross motor skills. These resources can particularly benefit learners with sensory processing difficulties or who benefit from more tactile experiences. Overall, the investment provides a range of resources and experiences for users, and we hope that these investments continue to pay off in the form of improved learner outcomes.

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