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Rhythm and Relationship

Since creation, Godly men and women have developed rhythms that help them follow God. Disciples have followed Jesus, his rhythms and ways in order to become more like Him. Rhythm is important to help us grow in our relationship with God.

Relationships don’t just grow by chance, they grow when we spend time, care, love, listen and speak. In the same way, our relationship with God doesn’t just grow, it needs us to nurture it daily.

Keeping In Rhythm

In music, if the rhythm is slightly out, everything else is affected. In the same way, our lives are affected if rhythms of devotion are not central.

In this series, we’ll explore 4 rhythms that have helped believers for thousands of years grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus and encourage you to practice these rhythms in your life.

Each week we will explore a rhythm from a Biblical perspective, ask How did Jesus incorporate this rhythm and how could we incorporate this rhythm in a really practical way